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Krono offers a fast delivery speed together with the already well-established Necta technology. Its patented compact mixers produce excellent drinks, mixed well to give the perfect crème. For Krono, productivity is also a strong point: the machine produces a 9oz quality white coffee or chocolate drink in around 14 seconds! Krono is ideal for offices, meeting rooms, bars/hotels, professional studios; in fact it can be used in a wide variety of environments.
Krono comes with an inbuilt chip card reader that allows you to define the machine parameters and collect statistics, as well as manage your ingredient supply to the customer. The chip cards are programmed using a chip card reader connected to a PC, and allow several modes of operation. There are a number of different ways to programme the chip card including:
- ONETIME Card - This card puts a number of credits on to the machine; the credits are refreshed by inserting another card.
- MULTINS Card - This is the same as the ONETIME Card but you have the ability to insert the same card to regenerate the credits a number of times.
- CREDIT Card - This card has a number of credits programmed to the card and the credits are deducted when the card is inserted into the machine.
The speed is Krono, the quality is Necta.

Krono Specifications

Drinks Menu

Americano Caffe Latte Cappuccino Caffe Mocha Chocomilk Hot Water


Height 580MM
Width 300MM
Depth 365MM
Delivery Area 150MM
Depth with door open 600MM
Weight 16kg
Power Supply Voltage 220/240 V
Power Supply Frequency 50/60 Hz
Max Power 2750 W