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Quick filter machines of Bravilor Bonamat can be found everywhere. Because of its convenience, its high quality and its modern design, this line of products can be used in any location where nice, fresh filter coffee is needed. As the Mondo can be manually filled with water, it can be placed anywhere. The two self-regulating hot plates that keep the coffee at the perfect temperature, even when the container is not filled to the maximum, maintain the optimum coffee quality. The water indicator shows if the machine has been filled. The Mondo Twin doubles the capacity and can make large quantities of coffee thanks to its double brewing system. The filling opening of the Mondo is on the front side of the machine. Convenient and ergonomic!

Mondo Specifications


Height 446mm
Width 195mm
Depth 406mm
Weight 7.85kg


Brewing Time 5 minutes
Hour Capacity 18 litre