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I-Key Recharger

Designed to further enhance the benefits of our market-leading I-Key system, the wall mounted Recharger, available exclusively through authorised dealers, provides a secure and convenient point where users can quickly and easily purchase top-up credit for their I-Keys.


  • Cashless systems increase impulse sales and encourage multiple purchases
  • Boasting a fully welded cabinet construction, together with an electronic alarm system cash remains safe and secure
  • Available with an optional high quality note acceptor
  • The Recharger can be programmed to offer promotions on note based payments
  • Comprehensive audit facility provides a complete record of all transactions
  • Fitted with an electric coin validator and high capacity cash box
  • User programmable PIN code for security alarm override

I-Key Recharger Specifications





300mm (w) x 570mm (h) x 180mm (d)



10 Kg


Operating Voltage

Maximum power consumption

Power Cable

220-240 V, 50 Hz, single phase

10W (13A fuse, but easily modified for a direct connection to fused spur (strongly recommended for alarm system operation)

1.5 metre mains lead


Note acceptor with ‘accept any way up’ feature and automatic note stacker

Can be used in conjunction with any machine in the DarenthMJS range that utilises the I-Key cashless payment system