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I-Key System

The I-Key system is simply the most functional, cost-effective, and flexible solution to all cashless payment requirements. Providing total cost management and accountability in a variety of formats, the system is compatible with a wide range of hot and cold beverage, snack and can vending equipment.


  • The durable and strong I-Key system is a cost-effective way of increasing sales, the I-Key system can be incorporated into a machine or suite of machines far more cost effectively than any comparative system
  • The cashless I-Key system not only improves cashflow by collecting money for products before they are sold but also has the proven benefit of increasing impulse sales
  • With a variety of key types the I-Key can offer a solution for any user requirement
  • Control of costs – the I-Key system even has benefits on free vend sites, users can be granted a programmable number of hospitality or free drinks per day – thereafter they pay!

I-Key Types

Cash Value Key An electronic 'bank' which can be loaded with a cash value by inserting coins into a machine equipped with a coin mechanism or remotely at a separate re-charging station, and thereafter allows purchases to be made by deducting the value of the vend made from the onboard electronic bank.
Fixed Credit Key The key is pre-loaded with a number of credits, each of which allows a single 'free' vend to be made from the machine. When the credits are exhausted the key is simply thrown away.
Frequently used on new installations to grant users a number of free tasting opportunities to promote brand loyalty thereafter.
Hospitality Key Can be programmed to grant users a controlled number of free vends per day, therefore providing total cost control in the workplace environment whilst still retaining the goodwill of staff who may have previously been used to a total free vend facility. Discount Key Enables privileged users to take advantage of an entirely different pricing structure within the machine, which, unlike most systems, can relate to all or just a selected few products on offer.
Discount privileges can also be made available to snack and can products when machines are connected together.
Free Vend Key Provides master override facility and makes all products available without any charge whilst inserted into the machine